09 July 2011

Son of Anarchy

So, this happened.

(And I apologize, I just discovered iMovie on my computer.)

I'm pretty sure this is how Sonny Barger got started.

Yet another rite of passage in the Doozer’s life. He really liked the bell, though the concept of pedaling was still a bit beyond him. At one point, he got up and pulled the tricycle by the handlebars down the sidewalk, in much the same manner that he likes to pull his wagon (rather than actually riding in it).

“It ran out of batteries,” he told us. We tried to explain to him that it didn’t have batteries, that he was the batteries, and he had to use the pedals to make it go. He kept pulling it.


The wife and I did a lot of tricycle research and shopping, before finally settling on the Schwinn Roadster. We liked its sleekness and vintage feel, although, as soon as he got on it and had difficulty with the pedals, I thought of all the other models we saw and ultimately chose not to get, that featured straps, or stirrups, on the pedals, which would have made the process of learning to pedal that much easier to master.

I am always thankful that parenting is graded on a curve.

Like most other things we purchase for the Doozer, this item was well-reviewed in various places. We appreciated its retro coolness, it reminded us of what a tricycle looked like when we were kids. Our appreciation for things that look and feel old extends to our own bikes, a set of Schwinn beach cruisers that we picked up a few years ago (and which we’ll have to drag out of the basement now that the Doozer is wheeled). Of course, these bikes were far more location-appropriate when we lived within a short driving distance of an actual beach. In the suburban Midwest, beach cruiser is a bit of an anachronism.

One’s first Schwinn anything is a big deal. And the Doozer loved it right from the get-go. He is bound to be a little speed demon in no time. Also, much like his ongoing fondness for vegetables and fruits, I was amazed by his willingness to wear the helmet. In fact, for the rest of the day, he kept it on, while he did other things outside, to kick balls into a net and chase bugs and inspect the garden.


But he seems like a natural on wheels. Watch out, world.

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