24 March 2011

Somebody Gets It

Obviously, the blogosphere is a wide, expansive frontier. And even in that corner of the universe that is parent-centric blogs (often generalized as mommy blogs, to which I take justified umbrage), it's still relatively easy to feel like you're alone, regardless of how big the community actually is. Sometimes it feels like you're just shouting down into the void, getting lost in the frenzy of various parenting voices.

And then, sometimes you discover a kindred spirit, someone whose experiences of parenthood seem to reflect your own. Huzzah! you proclaim. There's somebody else out there who gets it.

Which brings me (the long way) around to my new favorite metaphor for being a parent, an amusing bit about repeatedly purchasing travel coffee mugs at Target, only to find yourself with ceramic mugs from your kitchen still cluttering up your car. It's from a new blog, Signs of (real) Life. Which you should check out. Go do it. Now. I'll wait.

And now I will commence with shameless plugging.

(Ed. note: In full disclosure, I have known the blog's author for a large portion of my life.)

When I read that bit about travel mugs, I thought, Somebody out there gets it. Somebody else's experience of parenthood is just like ours. "It's us!" I said to my wife, shoving the laptop in her face and making her read the post (her laughter indicating agreement and recognition).

Also, this particular author has a memoir being published in April, Signs of Life. Read that, too. Going by what she's written in her blog, it's bound to be witty and insightful. A little bit snarky and also really warm. It's almost enough to make me feel like a hack who has no business doing this.

So, to the very small number of who people out there who read this rag, you should read her too. Then go ahead and follow her on Twitter, where she is equally hilarious and insightful.

Shameless plug over, back to our regularly scheduled, Doozer-centric programming . . .

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