02 December 2010

Imagine . . .

Did you know that scrambled eggs look like dancing robots? Really? Neither did I.

Oh, the things you learn when living with a two year-old . . .

As time progresses and the Doozer grows up (more and more every day), we watch in wonder as his little personality develops. The kid who once pointed at ceiling fans and said, "Ba!" is now capable of some pretty involved, complex strings of words. Actual sentences and questions. His vocabulary is extensive and varied, his curiosity unending.

Up until now, for the most part, his experience and engagement with the world has been pretty literal. Straightforward. Abstract concepts don't land when we put them out there. Visible, tangible things are his stock-in-trade. But slowly, that's beginning to change. And lately, we've been able to witness his imagination as it takes flight, as his worldview expands and he begins to think outside the box. Sometimes, way outside the box.

And it's pretty amazing.

It could be seen in his invention of a new game, "Picnic." The Doozer would make my wife spread a bandanna out on the floor and he'd arrange a bunch of toys on it (not just people or action figures, but blocks and cars and other inanimate objects) and improvise what happens when they all hang out with each other, enjoying a picnic.

He's begun to have his animals and people and other toys talk to each other. Conversations. Out of thin air.

And then, suddenly, it kicked into high gear. With the "Elephant" game. We were cleaning up after dinner and he was still in his high chair and out of nowhere, he made an elephant noise. My wife had her back to him and acted surprised. She pretended that there was an elephant in the kitchen. And began to look around for it. We'd ask the Doozer if he heard the elephant and he'd say yes. We'd ask if we should check the dishwasher or inside a cabinet or under the table. And he'd say yes. And then he'd make the noise again and we'd wonder aloud where that elephant could be hiding.

"Check the paper towels, Dada!" the Doozer exclaimed. I did. No sign of the elephant. This continued for several minutes as the Doozer would alternate between making an elephant noise and joining in the search for said elephant. Eventually he determined that the elephant was hiding out in the ceiling above us.

You're kind of weird, kid. But also a lot of fun to hang with these days.

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