17 October 2009

Parents of the Year

From the very beginning, I've been pretty doubtful when it comes to my abilities as a parent. Low self-esteem has routinely led me to believe throughout my life that I'm not very good at much of anything and being a father has not been an exception. But in my relatively short experience as a parent, I have discovered that pretty much on a weekly basis (hell, practically every day), at least one story appears in the news that makes me feel slightly better about my parenting skills.

And this week had a doozy: the Saga of Balloon Boy.

So I'd like to take a moment and recognize the parents of Balloon Boy for their outstanding contributions to the world of parenting. Because really, who are we kidding? This is parenting at its finest. And it allows me to breathe a little more freely, feel a little more relaxed, and generally be secure in the notion that, on average, I'm actually doing a pretty decent job as a parent.

For one more day at least.

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